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The latest phenomeon to hit the world wide web today is the concept of social networking. It seems as though individuals from all parts of the world are logging on to Internet sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in order to connect and in some cases stalk friends, acquatinces and even celebrities. Social networking allows individuals from opposite ends of the world to stay connected and even communicate messages within seconds. Social networking sites including Facebook allow a member to email other “facebook friends”, post photos and videos for all friends to see, as well as particiapate in online games and instanly chat with others. Social netowrking creates an active audience where members are encouraged to be involved and participate in social events. However mind-blowing programs like Facebook may seem to us, we must ask ourselves an important question: Are sites like Facebook more profitable for society, as they allow friends to reunite and reconnect? Or will social networking become an under cover means for individuals to stalk others and distract people from their everyday lives?


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