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Celeb Effect

Flooding the media, tabloids and newspaper stands todays are negative slurs regarding teenage popstar sensations. On virtually every Star, People and In-touch magazine are pictures of young Hollywood stars and the scandals they create in their very extraordinary lives. For example Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus made her debut in the media as Hannah Montana which is a television sitcom airing on the Disney Channel. Since then she has written mulitple albums and become a world renound superstar. Her fame does come at a huge price as she  has been vicitimized and hyopthetically torn apart by writes of many magazines. Whether it be her contraversial contract with Disney or her Vanity Fair cover at the young age of 15 the world finds ways to pick apart this young starlet on a daily basis. It is quite easy to see the impact theses media created stars have on the world and their extremely devoted fans.  With all of the pictures, videos and, stories that have leaked on the internet regarding the personal life of Miley Cyrus many people are skeptical of Miley’s ability to be a good role model for the majority of her fan base; children and young teenagers. Many people have become so infactuated with the lives of celebrities, as if it is a way to get insight about the lives of the rich and famous. It also seems as though because these celebrities are blessed with fame and riches people create stories out of miniscule events in order to simply see these major superstars fail.


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Baring It All

You’re walking through New York City and you want the latest celebrity gossip, how do you get it? Walk up to the nearest news paper stand and choose out of the variety of tabloids that carry the latest celebrity gossip. So many magazines and in the end, they all pretty much say the same thing in different forms or shapes. Tabloid’s sole purpose is to put together a magazine of a variety of celebrity gossip and latest breaking news to entertain the reader. Although this is entertainment for the reader, the celebrity that is being victimized is not being entertained. Celebrities are only human and can’t help but pick up a tabloid every so often and read what the latest publisher has to say about them. Unfortunately, some artists cannot deal with the press’s gossip even when the statements that are made are false. One celebrity in particular had a hard time coping with the stress of the media and the tabloids; Britney Spears. In February 2007 Britney Spears appeared at a barber shop and demanded that all of her hair be shaved off. Britney was having a hard time with the press and was sought to have had a mental break down. In some way, the tabloids can relate to hate speech; hate speech affects the people to whom it is aimed at and purposely carries the intention of hurting someone, which is in fact, what the tabloids have done to Britney Spears and intent for other celebrities. These people are abusing their right to freedom of speech and using it in ways to destroy other people. Therefore, should censorship be more strict in the media?

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